Resort Parking

Winter Parking
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Free Parking
There are approximately 3,200 free parking spaces at the base of Winter Park and Mary Jane. Please refer to the map link for locations of the lots outlined below.
  • North Bench Lot: Located near the north entrance of the Resort, North Bench offers free walk-in/walk-out parking to the main base area. Park and follow the signs to the pedestrian bridge leading you to West Portal Station. For your convenience, a 30 minute drop-off/pick-up area is designated at the front of the lot.
  • F&G Lots: Located at the south entrance to the Resort. Both lots offer FREE Park-N-Ride shuttle service to the Village. Park-N-Ride shuttle operates 7:40am-10:00pm daily.
  • Old Town Lots, including Bus Barn, Adolf’s, Lone Tree, and Blue Spruce lots: Located north of the Resort on Winter Park Drive, Old Town lots are serviced by Park-N-Ride shuttles WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS ONLY, November 18 to April 1 from 7:30am to 6:30pm.
  • every ½ hour from 8:15am to 6:00pm daily.Mary Jane Lots: All Mary Jane Road lots, including the Mary Jane base area, are serviced by FREE Park-N-Ride shuttles to the Winter Park base
Pay Parking
Village Parking Garage: Located conveniently in the center of the Village at Winter Park Resort. Levels 1 & 2 offer approximately 200 spaces of close-in parking. Rates are $25 for a full day or $15 for half day (beginning at noon). All rates are subject to change.
  • Note: Level 3 (top floor), serves as short-term drop skier off. The first 60 minutes are FREE, $8.00/hr for each hour thereafter.
  • Village Garage parking is FREE after 3:00pm, through 6:59am the next morning.
  • There are self-serve pay stations conveniently located on each level, or you may pay via cell phone through the Parkmobile App.
Vintage Lot: Located at the top terminus of the Village Cabriolet Lift. This large paved parking lot, with overflow parking in Lots B and C, offers full day paid parking for $10/day on weekends (Sat-Sun) and $5 on weekdays (Mon-Fri). Rates are subject to change, especially around holiday periods.
  • Note: Vintage Lot rates will be $10/day daily in the middle of March during peak Spring Break holidays.
  • There are self-serve pay stations conveniently located at each lot, or you may pay via cell phone through the Parkmobile App.
  • The Village Cabriolet provides lift service from the Vintage Lot to the Village from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm daily.
No overnight parking is allowed in Winter Park or Mary Jane Parking Lots. Contact Security at 970.726.1500 in case of emergency or for special RV parking arrangements. Please only park in plowed lots to allow snow plows to remove snow effectively. Lodging guests must check with their hotel and/or rental agency for overnight parking options.

Drop Off/Pick Up
Available on Level 3 of the Village Parking Garage, the Village Cabriolet top terminal in the Vintage Lot, and at the front portion of the North Bench Lot.

Disabled Parking
FREE disabled parking is located in the following zones: Winter Park Drive north of the Traffic Hut, North Bench front drop-off zone, Mary Jane Base circle, and any free zones noted in section above.

PAY disabled parking is available in the following zones: Moffat Lot next to Fraser Crossing/Founders Pointe and Level 1 of the Village Parking Garage.

Shuttle Service to Kids Ski & Ride School
FREE shuttle service is available daily from the bus circle at Cabriolet Way between 8:00am & 4:30pm. Look for WILLY'S CAB.

Charter Bus Parking & Drop Off
Located in the North Bench Lot and accessed from Highway 40 through the North Entrance and Blue Spruce Lot.
Convenient walk over the pedestrian bridge to the main base area.

Directions for buses arriving from the south (From I-70 & Berthoud Pass) on State Highway 40:
  • Stay in the right lane past the first (south) entrance to Winter Park Resort - 1st stop light.
  • Continue north on State Highway 40 for ¾ miles.
  • Turn left at the next stop light (North Entrance).
  • Take an immediate left into the Blue Spruce Lot.
  • Stay left and follow the signage and road to North Bench Lot and the charter bus parking area.

Directions for buses arriving from the north (Fraser & Town of Winter Park) on State Highway 40:
  • From the Town of Winter Park continue south on State Highway 40 for 2 miles.
  • Turn right at the first stop light (North Entrance).
  • Take an immediate left into the Blue Spruce Lot.
  • Take an immediate left into the Blue Spruce Lot.
  • Stay left and follow the signage and road to North Bench Lot and the charter bus parking area.


Summer Parking

Free Parking is available for Resort summer guests in our Vintage Lot next to the main Winter Park Drive entrance off Highway 40, the Village Parking Garage, or in any Resort outlying parking lot. There is no Pay Parking in the summer. The Cabriolet from the Vintage Lot to the Winter Park Village is provided from 9:00 am- 7:30 pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; 9:00-8:00 pm on Wednesday and Saturday and 9:00- 10:30 pm on Fridays for Village Movie Nights June 13-September 7. Extended operating hours may be provided for special events.Operating hours are subject to change.

Disabled parking is located on the east side of Winter Park Drive in the Moffat Lot at the Resort base adjacent to all activities or in the Village garage. Additional spaces are provided next to the “Amazin’ Maze” and behind West Portal Building (wheelchair only).

Located on the upper level of the Village Garage.

A shuttle services Fraser and Winter Park June-Oct. See Schedule at or call (970) 726-4163

RV overnight camping is allowed in Blue Spruce & Mary Jane Lots only. There are no hookups or dump stations available. Units must be self-contained and all trash removed. No fires allowed except by special permission or in outdoor grills. Quiet time after 10:00 PM. Check in with WP Security for directions to parking locations. Maximum stay is 3 nights.

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