Welcome to QuickTrax.

QuickTrax is all you need. One reusable, RFID-equipped card that becomes your pass, pack or lift ticket. With QuickTrax, go through the lift hands-free and link to your credit card, so you can make on-mountain purchases at any resort-owned business. You can change pass products every year and keep your same card, and, best of all, you'll always get the lowest ticket price, guaranteed.
A $5 Processing fee will be charged for new season passes, pack and lift tickets powered by QuickTrax. This fee includes setting up your QuickTrax account and linking or RFID technology to your Winter Park account. This is a one-time charge and , should you decide to reuse your QuickTrax card as is, this fee will not be charged again, even if you change pass, pack or lift ticket products. Should you need a new card, the $5 will apply. Reasons for issuing a new card may include: a name change, a photo update, a lost or destroyed card, or the creation of a new Winter Park Resort account. If Winter Park chooses to re-issue a new season pass media card for any reason not initiated by you, the $5 fee will be waived.